Most of the journals, which the Library subscribes, are exhibited in study rooms. Due to the lack of capacity, the open access collection includes only journals published in so called current annual volume. It means journals issued in the present calendar year. Bound annual volumes are placed in the repository and lent to order.

The principle of distribution of journals between study rooms is identical to books. According to their contents journals are distributed to study room I or study room II this way:

  • Study room I – journals of general orientation, official bulletins, ETA.
  • Study room II – journals related to different branches of law

List of journals and their distribution between the study rooms is available at lending service.

Some foreign journals, subscribed by our library, are now available online. Library has direct, remote or open access to full texts. You can approach those journals from our website (in Czech version) - folder Časopisy / Zahraniční časopisy. Entering icones are shown next to the name of the journal and differentiated by colors:

Přímý i vzdálený přístup / direct and remote access - direct and remote access to individual databases

Přímý přístup / direct access - direct access from faculty network

Volný přístup / open access - open access

You can also search for e-journals in the eJournals Portal.