Availability of e-resources

The Library of the Law Faculty offers the following e-resources:

  • Free access – Resources open to all users. It is not necessary to be registered in the Law Faculty Library.
  • Licensed – Resources subscribed by the Law Faculty of Charles University available only to students and employees. To access these e-resources, it is necessary to enter university login credentials.

Access to licensed e-resources

  • Direct access This type of access is associated with an IP address, i.e. only from a computer network at the Faculty of Law CU.
  • Remote access This type allows students and employees of the Charles University to access the resources from anywhere as long as they are logged in into the University account, i.e. it is not limited to the Faculty building.

Use of licensed e-resources

The use of the licensed e-resources is limited by the conditions stated in the particular license contract. Every user is obliged to respect these conditions, i.e.

  • The data obtained from the resource can be used only for educational, study, or scientific purposes and for personal need.
  • It is not allowed to download complete resources or their essential parts. Especially, it is forbidden to copy complete issues of electronic journals.

It is also not allowed to copy, distribute or reproduce data and to provide access to the resources to third parties.

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