How to behave in the library

How to behave in the library

The Library Rules of Charles University and the Rules and Regulations of the Library of the Law Faculty of the Charles University are basic documents defining the relationship between the Library and its users. These documents specify both rights and duties of both sides. The Library Rules of Charles University define the specification of librarian-information services for the Charles University in general. The Loan Library Rules of the Law Faculty define how to solve problems of organization and operation only inside the Law Faculty Library.

Unwritten rules about behavior towards other users

Be tactful to others. Avoid behavior disturbing other users.

  • Put books back to their places, once you do not need them (do not leave them on the desk)
  • Do not occupy more than one place
  • Be quiet. Even the noise from the entrance area can disturb those in Study rooms
  • If using your phone, turn off the ring tone. Do not make phone calls in the Library.
  • Do not cause damage to borrowed items
  • When leaving the Library, empty your locker and return the key to the service desk


While using the Internet, follow the same rules as in real life.

  • Respect ethical principles
  • Be considerate to others
  • Do not be in the way for other users
  • Do not cause harm to others
  • Do not spam others
  • Protect your password and do not tell it to others
  • Be tolerant of other people’s mistakes
  • Do not use the academic net for business purposes