The Rules and Regulations of the Library of the Law Faculty of Charles University

Charles University in Prague, 23 November 2016, Law Faculty KPF/7530/2016
Dean’s Measure No. 13/2016 to issue

The Rules and Regulations of the Library

of the Law Faculty of Charles University


Part I

The Rules of Operation


Article 1. Introductory provisions

1. The library of the Law Faculty of Charles University (“the Library”) is located in the building of the Law Faculty of Charles University, náměstí Curieových 7, 116 40 Praha 1 – Staré Město (“the LF CU”). Its public areas are located on the ground floor and on the first below-ground floor of the faculty. Store rooms are located in the basement.

2. The library is a specialized unit of the faculty for the provision of public library services. Basic library and information services are provided free of charge, the fees for other selected types of services are governed by s. 4 of Act No. 257/2001 Sb., regulating libraries and terms of operating library and information services for the public (“the Libraries Act”).

3. The director of the Library is responsible for the operation of the Library to the Dean and the Secretary of the faculty.

4. The registration, reviewing, removal and protection of the Library collection is carried out in accordance with the Libraries Act and related legislation.

5. The users* of the Library are:

a) students, academic staff, scholars, and other employees of the LF CU [¹]
b) students, academic staff, scholars, and other employees of Charles University,
c) applicants for the State Rigorosum Examination at the LF CU (only after the payment of fees related to the use of equipment and information technologies),
d) participants in life-long learning courses at the LF CU (“LLL”),
e) members of the ALUMNI club,
f) external users, and
g) libraries entered in the register of libraries of the Ministry of Culture.

6. Library users are obliged to get acquainted with the Rules and Regulations of the Library of the LF CU, fire alarm regulations and fire evacuation plan, and to follow them. The Library premises may be used only for the purposes for which they are designed. Principles of safety, fire protection, and hygiene must always be followed there.

Article 2. Hours of operation

1. The Library provides its services during set hours of operation. They are visibly displayed on the entrance door to the Library and on its website.

2. Any sudden or unexpected changes in the hours of operation are always announced on the Library’s notice boards, its website, and its Facebook page.

Article 3. General terms and conditions

1. Users must observe the Rules and Regulations of the Library of the LF CU and follow the instructions of the Library staff. They must subject themselves to prescribed security checks necessary to maintain order and protect property.

2. Admission to the Library is permitted upon submission of the User’s Card (see Part II, Article 9) or Charles University Card. If the user fails to produce a valid User’s Card, he may use the Library services only after the payment of the prescribed fees.

3. Library users must leave their coats, jackets, and bags in the faculty cloakroom or in the lockers located at the entrance to the Library before entering it.

4. Users may enter only the public part of the Library. They may enter other parts of the Library (storerooms, offices) only with permission and in the company of a person in charge.

5. A user is entitled to use only one workplace in the study hall. The reservation of workplaces is permitted only in the study hall for scholars and researchers.

6. Users must maintain peace, order, and cleanliness in the Library, consider other users’ needs, and follow the rules of conduct and instructions of the Library staff; otherwise they may be requested to leave the Library premises.

7. Users must use Library materials with due care and protect them from damage.

8. It is prohibited to remove any items of the Library collection from the premises without properly checking them out. Both the Library collection and the premises feature an electronic security system.

9. Users must not smoke, use mobile phones, or bring food and drinks to the premises of the Library. Only clear, non-alcoholic beverages in lockable containers are permitted.

10. Library users must not handle technical equipment, such as distribution of water and gas, heating, electric lighting, etc.

11. The right to use Library services may be withdrawn from the user in case of serious or repeated breaches[2] of the Rules and Regulations of the Library of the LF CU. The decision to cancel or suspend the right to use Library services is made by the director of the Library. This measure does not relieve the user of the duty to compensate for damages caused nor of liability under the relevant legislation.

12. Comments, complaints, and suggestions regarding the operation of the Library may be submitted in writing or in electronic form to the director of the Library or to the relevant Vice-Dean.

Article 4. Rules for the use of lockers

1. The lockers at the entrance of the Library are to be used for storing personal items (namely outer garments and average-sized bags) during the user’s stay in the Library.

2. Users may use the lockers only for storing appropriate items; use is free of charge.

3. Lockers are not intended for storing valuable items, such as money, jewellery, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices. Valuables may be deposited in lockers solely at the user’s own risk and the LF CU is not responsible for possible damage to or loss thereof.

4. Users must not put in the lockers any items that could damage or dirty them, nor any things that could bother or endanger others, in particular inflammables and other dangerous substances.

5. The user will borrow the key for the locker from a Library staff member. The user must empty the locker and return the key before leaving the Library. It is prohibited to take the keys out of the Library premises.

6. Should the locker key not be returned by the end of the Library’s hours of operation, the Library staff is entitled to open the locker and check its contents for safety reasons.

7. The locker will be opened by at least two members of the Library staff. They will check and then remove and register the contents of the locker, and put them in a safe place. They will write a report on the inspection of the locker.

8. The user must come to the Library in person to collect his items, produce his ID, describe the contents of the locker, and sign the acknowledgment of receipt. If the user fails to collect his items within 45 days, the LF CU will regard the items as items of negligible value (abandoned items) and will treat them according to the relevant legislation.

Article 5. Rules for the use of the group study hall

1. The group study hall may be used only for study, scholarly work, faculty group projects, and events organized by the Library.

2. The group study hall is equipped with connections to the electricity network and Wi-Fi.

3. The group study hall may be used only by registered users of the Library after submission of a valid User Card.

4. The group study hall may be reserved on the website of the Library or with the members of the Library staff, either in person or by phone.

5. The group study hall may not be reserved more than three weeks in advance.

6. The name of a contact person, the number of members of the group, and the time schedule must be provided when making the reservation.

7. The reservation may be made for a maximum of two successive blocks of one hour.

8. Should the group study hall not be reserved for another group, the time may be extended. Extension is performed by a member of the Library staff at the circulation desk.

9. If the user fails to appear at the reserved time, the reservation will be cancelled after 15 minutes.

10. The key to the group study hall is issued by a member of the Library staff at the circulation desk and returned to the same place.

11. It is prohibited to take the keys out of the Library premises. Should the key be lost or not returned, the user will cover the costs of changing the lock.

12. The user must check the condition of the group study hall upon entering and report possible defects to the Library staff at the circulation desk.

13. Bringing food and drinks (with the exception of clear non-alcoholic beverages in lockable containers) into the group study hall is not permitted.

14. Members of the Library staff are entitled to enter the group study hall at any time. In case of infringement of the rules, users may be requested to leave the study hall.

Article 6. Rules for the use of computers and reprographic equipment

1. Computers in the Library may be used exclusively for the purpose corresponding to the function of the Library and only by registered users of the Library.

2. No more than two persons may simultaneously work at one work station.

3. Users may use their own terminal devices (laptops, tablets, phones) and connect to eduroam through Wi-Fi. The LF CU is not responsible for these devices.

4. The Library’s electronic catalogue and other selected applications are provided free of charge to all registered users. Other electronic services may be used only by holders of a user name (login). Logins are provided only by the Computer Centre of the LF CU.

5. A user can work on the web only under his own user name and is responsible for any possible misuse of rights by a third party. The user must log out after finishing his work on the PC.

6. Registered users may use self-service reprographic equipment for printing, copying, and scanning.

7. It is prohibited to handle computers and reprographic equipment in a manner beyond ordinary use (for example, to change cables, to move equipment, to alter the configuration of computers, etc.). The user must report any defect to the Library staff immediately.

Part II

Rules for Borrowing

Article 7. Public library and information services

1. The Library provides public library and information services (“the services”) under the Libraries Act to registered users. These services consist namely of:

a) making available Library documents from the Library’s own collection or through the interlibrary loan service
b) providing bibliographic, reference, and research services
c) providing electronic services
d) providing reprographic services

2. Basic library and information services are provided free of charge, while fees for selected types of services are charged under section 4 of the Libraries Act. The List of Fees and Fines constitutes Appendix No. 1 to these Rules and Regulations of the Library of the LF CU.

3. Unregistered users of the Library will be recorded only for the purposes of statistics; they will pay the fee as per the List of Fees and Fines as a reimbursement of the administrative steps connected with keeping records. They may use the services of the Library to a limited extent.

Article 8. Registration of users

1. An individual becomes a user by registering in the Library system. Registration is performed after submitting the appropriate type of card, identification card (Czech identity card, passport), and after filling in and signing the application.

2. By signing the completed application the user confirms that he is acquainted with the CU Library Code and the Code of Operation and Lending Services of the Library of the LF CU, that he accepts the given terms and that he agrees with the recording of the personal data provided, which are kept exclusively for the purpose of registering readers and securing the process of lending.

3. The Library collects only such user data which are essential for its operation, the protection of the Library collection, and the quality of provided services (surname, first name, date of birth, permanent address or temporary residence, type and number of personal identification card used to verify the user’s identity, email address).

4. The Library must, upon request, provide the user with the data contained in the database of users which are relevant to the user.

5. Users must inform the Library of changes to their personal data (surname, first name, email address) immediately. If they fail to do so, the Library is entitled to charge users a fee covering the costs related to securing such data.

6. The Library processes a user’s personal data in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data, as amended.

Article 9. User’s Card

1. The basic document for the user’s access to the Library is a User Card in the form of Charles University Student ID Card, Charles University Foreign Student ID Card, Charles University Employee ID Card, and other types of ID cards as determined by the Rector of Charles University.

2. LLL participants and applicants for the State Rigorosum Examination at the LF CU may use the Library services upon submission of the CU External User Card.

3. The holder of the User Card is responsible for any misuse of the card in connection with the Library; he must report the loss of the card to the Library immediately and procure a substitute User Card himself.

4. User Card validity for the purposes of the Library:

a) students and LLL participants: one academic year; the card can be renewed during the course of studies, but only for the following academic year. The validity of LF CU students’ User Cards terminates on the date of passing the last part of the Final State Examination; the validity of LLL participants’ User Cards terminates on the date of completing the course.
b) Academic staff and other employees of Charles University: one calendar year; the validity of the User Card can be periodically renewed during the period of employment.
c) External users, ALUMNI Club members, and applicants for the State Rigorosum Examination at LF CU: one calendar year. After this time, the validity of the card may be renewed.

Article 10. Library loans

1. Off-site loans are provided to:

a) CU students and employees
b) applicants for the State Rigorosum Examination at the LF CU (only after the payment of costs related to the use of equipment and information technologies)
c) LLL participants at the LF CU
d) other libraries only through IILS

2. A loan

a) Materials are lent to users upon submission of the CU Card by means of an electronic lending protocol.
b) A loan is completed by
  • recording identification data from the User’s Card and from the book (bar code, RFiD);
  • in the case of materials with a loan period of more than 30 days, the loan is confirmed by filling in a loan card and the user’s signature;
  • if, for technical reasons, the loan cannot be performed electronically, it may only be done with a loan card. Such loan will be recorded in the system later.
c) A loan may be made only on the condition that the user does not owe any fees or fines to the Library or other libraries of the CU.
d) The user must check his user account and report any irregularities to the Library immediately.
e) Upon the user’s request, members of the Library staff will prepare a statement of his user account (no more than twice per semester).
f) The user may borrow only one copy of any material. The user must not lend the borrowed materials to third persons.
g) The user must inspect the borrowed materials before accepting them and report any defects to the Library immediately.
h) The library lends materials immediately after receiving the user’s request, according to technical possibilities. In the case of materials that have not yet been processed or those not stored on the main library premises, the library will make these available at the earliest possible date.
i) Books which are not available at the moment and are designed for off-site loans may be reserved online via the reader’s account or via email knihovna @
j) The user must pick up the requested materials no later than two days after the date of the request, unless otherwise arranged, and in the case of reserved materials by the date given in the notice of reservation.

3. Loan period[3]

a) for university textbooks the loan period is 150 calendar days;
b) the standard loan period is 30 calendar days and may be renewed twice;
c) for the LF CU staff the loan period is set according to individual needs, the maximum is one year;
d) a short-term loan is seven calendar days and may be renewed twice;
e) reference materials may be borrowed on days set by the Library;
f) a loan period may be renewed only before the loan period expires and if the material has not been reserved by another user;
g) renewal is not possible if the user owes any fees or fines to the CU libraries;
h) If the user does not return borrowed materials by the due date, the library will send him a reminder notice. If the user does not return borrowed materials after the fourth reminder notice the Library will recover the materials by court proceedings. The costs of the proceedings will be covered by the user.
i) If the user exceeds the loan period, he is obliged to pay overdue fines set in the List of Fees and Fines (Appendix 1).
j) Overdue fines are not linked to the receipt of a reminder notice. The user must pay overdue fees even if the reminder notice has not been delivered to him.

4. Returns

a) Materials are returned through the electronic lending protocol;
b) no return receipt is issued to the user automatically, such receipt is issued upon request;
c) the user must return the borrowed materials in a condition corresponding to their proper use;
d) If the user returns the borrowed materials by post, he is obliged to wrap them properly, send them by registered mail, and state the Library of the LF CU as the addressee. This form of return, however, does not release the user from the duty to cover possible overdue fines.
e) The user must report the possible loss or destruction of, or damage to, the borrowed materials to the Library immediately. In the case of loss, the user must replace the borrowed materials with an identical copy or to reimburse their purchase price. Other compensation is governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

Article 11. Interlibrary and international interlibrary loan services

1. The Library provides interlibrary and international interlibrary loan services (“ILS” and “IILS”) to registered users.

2. Only specialist literature relevant for studies at the LF CU and not contained in the Library collection is provided via ILS and IILS.

3. ILS and IILS are provided free of charge, however, the applicant must cover the costs incurred by the Library for such service. These usually include fees set by the requested library, postage, etc.

4. Materials obtained via ILS and IILS are for reference loan only.

Article 12. Electronic and reprographic services

1. Registered users may use online services (for example, to access the online catalogue or their users’ accounts, to reserve an item, to renew loans, etc.)

2. Electronic information resources are made available under licence term and conditions.

3. Print-outs from electronic information resources and copies of printed documents from the Library collection may be made only for personal use and in conformity with legislation.

4. Print-outs and reprographic services are paid. Prices are set according to the type of print-out and equipment. The price list is set by the Computer Centre.

Part III

Common and final provisions

Article 13.

Legal relations not regulated by this provision are governed by generally binding legislation, particularly by the Higher Education Institutions Act and the Civil Code as well as the Charles University and Law Faculty regulations.

Article 14.

The Dean’s measures No. 8/2007 and 3/2012 are repealed by the Dean’s measure No. 13/2016.

Article 15. Effect

This measure comes into force on January 1, 2017.

Prof. JUDr. Jan Kuklík, DrSc.
Dean of LF CU

*Translator’s note: Words importing the masculine include the feminine, and unless the context otherwise requires, words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.

[1] Including ERASMUS and LL.M students.

[2] Rector’s Measure No. 24/2016, Article 8(6).

[3] Set according to the uniform matrix Appendix No. 2 to the Library Code of the CU, Rector’s Measure No. 24/2016.

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