LAW Subject Gateway

LAW Subject Gateway

LAW Subject Gateway / Právo is intended for students, academics and employees of the Law Faculty of Charles University and its objectives are as follows:

  • to enable, through one search interface, searching parallel in different Czech and foreign resources (library catalogues, full-text databases, etc.) of the field of law that are available at Charles University in Prague (both freely available and licensed)
  • to facilitate searching through various sources of preset groups of sources
  • to assist in obtaining full texts, abstracts or information about the availability of the retrieved record through the SFX services
  • to get a complete list of electronic journals that are available to users from the Law Faculty of Charles University in specialized databases thanks to the SFX server
  • to provide registered LAW / PRÁVO Gateway users with additional benefits (they can create their own lists of favorite resources, save records and queries, set the preferred views, etc.).
  • to facilitate creating separate searches on various law topics for LAW / PRÁVO Gateway users.

In the Law / Právo Subject Gateway search interface (Vyhledávač), Help is available in English.


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