Inter-library loan service

Inter-library loan service (ILS) and international Inter-library Loan Service (IILS) secure possibility for users to borrow documents from other libraries through the library, where the user is registered.

Through the Charles University Law Faculty Library it is possibility to order
  • documents which correspond to the profile of studies at the Law Faculty and which are not available in the Library of the Law Faculty.
  • in case of International Inter-library Loan Service only documents not available in Czech libraries.

Publications intermediated through ILS and IILS are available only for in house-use loans. Exact rules of providing ILS and IILS services are defined in the Principals of Inter-library Loan Service and International Inter-library Loan Service. Prices for this service are quoted in the Price List of Fees and Paid Services.

Service is provided by
Law Faculty – door number 9
tel.: 221 005 215
It is necessary to pay a fee in the National Library before IILS is offered.


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