Information resources

The Library of the Law Faculty offers the following electronic information resources (EIR):

  • free accesible – open to all users. It is not necessary to be registered in the Law Faculty Library  (e.g. Google Book Search).
  • licensed – subscribed by the Law Faculty or the University only for the Law Faculty students and employees. Licensed resources are available only for users registered in the Library which accesses / owns these resources and at once the users have to work on computers with admissible IP addresses (for example Beck-Online).


Access to licensed electronic information resources
  • direct access - is associated with an IP address. Access to the EIR is possible via computer network both from Charles University and the Faculty of Law.
  • remote access - online access to the subscribed EIR is possible both for students and employees of Charles University who log in their account. This access is possible from anywhere.
Use of licensed electronic information resources

Use of licensed EIR is limited to conditions defined in the particular licence contract. Every user is obliged to respect these conditions. It relates to the following rules:

  • data can be used only for educational, study or scientific purposes and for personal needs.
  • it is not allowed to download the complete EIR but also its essential parts. Especially, it is forbidden to copy complete numbers of electronic journals.
  • it is not allowed to copy, distribute or reproduce data. It is also forbidden to provide access to third persons.


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