How to orientate in the open access collection

Open access is based on direct access to the library collection, without assistance of librarians. In the Library of Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague users have open access to books and journals.

Books in the open access collection
  • Since the half of 1997 all new acquisitions to the Library have been included into the open access collection. Older publications can be included selectively.
  • All the books on shelves are marked with a coloured label and a location mark. Books labelled greenly can be borrowed home. Books marked with red labels cannot be borrowed out of the Library and remain in the open access collection.
  • According to their content books are divided into 21 groups in accordance with the structure of classification.


Call numbers

Placing of books is determined by call numbers, which are constructed as follows:

  • Numerical group code – e.g. 08.21 Roman law.
  • Country code – for example CZ. Construction of the country code is based on international car registration numbers. The Country code represents the country of origin of the book, only group 09.0 (Languages) indicates the content.
  • Main heading – for example SkŘí. Main heading consists of two initial letters of the name of the author and two initial letters of the title of the book. In case of a collective authorship four initial letters from the title are used. Main heading determines ranking of books of the identical group and provenience.
  • Number differentiations – e.g. SkŘí1, SkŘí2. It is used provided two different publications could have the same label.
  • The numbers after slashes, e.g. SkŘí/1 SkŘí//2. Number after the simple slash indicates the sequence of the volume in case of multivolume publications. The number behind the dual slash indicates the sequence of edition. This indication guarantees placing all volumes of multivolume publications together and all editions of one title at one place.
  • For example – LANGBEIN, John H. The Origins of Adversary Criminal Trial. Oxford : University Press, 2003. - call number : 08.2/GB/LaOr

Shelves with numbers 1 – 8 are placed in study room I, 9 – 19 in study room II and 20 – 21 in study room I in the basement.


Journals in the open access collection
  • Most of the subscribed journals are exhibited in study rooms.
  • Because of lack of capacity only journals of the current year are available in the open access collection. It means journals issued in the current calendar year.
  • Bounded annual volumes are deposited in the repository. In case of loans everybody can ask at the lending desk.
  • List of subscribed newspapers and journals is available on the website in section Journals.

The principle of distribution of journals into the study rooms is analogous to the principle of distribution of books. Generally, journals of general character (collections of laws, bulletins, etc.) are concentrated in study room I, journal concentrating on particular law disciplines are available in study room II. The list of periodical journals and their location is available at the loan service.

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