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The Library of Charles University Law Faculty is the main centre of librarian and information service. The Library serves not only for teachers and students, but it is also opened to general public.

Since 2006 the Library has been runnig in the integrated system Aleph. All records of the Library are incorporated into the Central Catalog of Charles University and the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic.

Registered users have access to internet and other electronic information resources, e.g. Automatic System of Legal Information (ASPI, CODEXIS, LexGalaxy). The Library offers databases available in Charles University E-resources Portal and Union Information Gatteway. The access to the databases is differential according to categories of users.

Library Hours
Monday to Friday 9,00 – 20,00
Saturday 9,00 – 16,00


Library offers
  • more then 166 000 volumes of predominantly legal books
  • 300 titles of journals and newspapers are subscribed, including 110 from abroad
  • study room with 200 places
  • 19 personal computers
  • 2 copy machines (self-service) and 3 printing machines, 3 scanners
  • special PC for blind users


Memberships in professional organizations and associations
  • SKIP (Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic)
  • Club of Academic Librarians of SKIP
  • SDRUK (Association of Libraries of the CR)
  • IALL (International Association of Law Libraries)
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